A serene sanctuary amidst the fast-paced world of travel

Delta Calgary Airport, Calgary, Canada

The design intent behind the lobby space at Delta Calgary Airport is to establish an intuitive flow that caters to the needs of business travelers. The goal is to create a space where guests can enjoy the open area while also having access to enclosed private spaces for work or meetings. This ensures that the lobby accommodates both social interactions and professional needs, seamlessly blending productivity and relaxation.

With a timeless color palette and rich wood elements, the lobby exudes refined elegance and tranquility. The carefully selected materials symbolize durability and longevity, embodying an enduring design concept.

At the center of attention is the striking architectural wooden canopy, showcasing intricate patterns and textures that captivate the eye. It serves as a focal point, guiding guests effortlessly through the space while adding depth and visual interest.

The lobby renovation draws inspiration from Calgary’s vibrant spirit, offering glimpses of local culture through curated artwork, photographs, and motifs. These design elements immerse visitors in the dynamic character of the city.

Delta Calgary Airport’s lobby provides a serene sanctuary amidst the fast-paced world of travel. Its seamless flow, private spaces, timeless palette, and captivating wooden formations strike a harmonious balance between functionality and sophistication. Guests are warmly invited to indulge in this distinguished space, where utility intertwines with a cool elegance.