Food & Beverage at UBC AMS Nest

Vancouver, Canada

CHIL was tasked with designing a variety of food and beverage spaces that would meet the multitude needs of the University of British Columbia population within the new AMS Nest.


Perch is a full service restaurant and lounge located within the new student union building. Drawing inspiration from the architectural Nest located in the atrium — the restaurant, perched atop the building, is providing a reflective look at the surrounding grounds referencing the past, present and future of the university and its students.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the lounge space allows customers to sit and chat with friends or to meet and discuss University business. Movable seating groupings within the dining area allow the space to transition smoothly from afternoon lunch to a more formal evening service, helping to showcase the fresh and sustainable menu.


A high energy and fun gathering space inspired by the guilty pleasure aspect of eating pizza, Pie R Squared caters toward busy student life. Standing height tables serve as a quick pit stop to refuel while organic communal tables allow for larger parties to sit and share an entire pie.


Uppercase and Lowercase Cafes are inspired by a modern take on the neighborhood café, where you can sit and chat with friends or grab a coffee and snack on the go. Long banquette style seating creates a sense of community by encouraging students to share the space and adapt the environment to suit their immediate needs.


Palate is grab and go style Soup, Salad and Wrap Bar geared towards those who are health conscious amidst a busy university lifestyle. The clean and fresh environment is conceptually driven by the growth and transportation of produce. Natural wood, neutral walls and stainless steel add a clean and light quality to the space.