deliberate interplay of colors creating an environment that transcends trends

Hilton Toronto, Toronto, Canada

CHIL Interior Design was engaged in transforming the guest experience at Hilton Toronto’s downtown location, undertaking the redesign of 375 guestrooms across 26 floors.

The scope of work encompassed diverse room types, including king rooms, double queen rooms, and suites, as well as the rejuvenation of guestroom corridors and elevator lobbies.

The design approach is a meticulous fusion of classic elegance and contemporary sophistication. Through the integration of clean lines, minimal detailing, and a subtle touch of Hilton glamour, each space is curated to establish the Toronto location as the quintessential must-stay destination in Canada.

Layering the timeless charm of classic shapes into individual spaces, the guestrooms reflect an atmosphere of refined luxury.

A neutral and light palette, carefully chosen to create warmth and comfort, serves as the backdrop for the introduction of fresh blue color accents. This deliberate interplay of colors surrounds guests in an environment that transcends trends, ensuring a timeless and elegant ambiance.

The design on the Hilton Toronto guestroom renovation sets a new standard for luxury accommodation. With a focus on timeless design principles and a commitment to creating spaces that evoke both elegance and comfort, the Toronto location emerges as a beacon of hospitality excellence in Canada.