Hollybridge at River Green

Richmond, Canada

Set in Richmond’s premier community, Hollybridge is the next phase of River Green’s unique waterfront location.

The refined aesthetic incorporates elements of British culture with a modern & contemporary twist. The area which River Green is built was founded by Pioneer & British settler, Samuel Bridghouse. The original plant material on the Brighouse land represented a unique and significant collection of European trees planted by Sam Brighouse. He was a prominent early pioneer and landowner in Richmond in the late 1800’s. This pioneering culture has been the inspiration behind the design aesthetic at Lot 17.

The two main lobby areas and world class amenity spaces represent sophisticated details with high end finishes for a complete and prestigious look. A lot of attention has been emphasized on traditional details of British interior architecture through millwork, cornice details, trims, fabrics and patterns.

Elements such as cognac colored leathers, deep button detail on chesterfield sofas, rivets, horse saddle, crown molding details, wall molding details, chandeliers, crystal and cabinets with art work show casing old English gin, whiskey bottles, labels.

Both the public areas and suite interiors are to be warm and inviting, element of richness, tradition and class. A balance between old and new, scaling more on the end of new.