Parkside at Lynn

North Vancouver, Canada

Welcoming buyers to slip into the North Shore lifestyle with ease, Parkside at Lynn sets itself apart by bringing international design influences from European and a Scandinavian alpine aesthetic and blends it with an approachable local feel for the well-traveled, design savvy home owner.

The inspiration behind the design roots in the unique setting of the North Shore. Placed on the edge of wilderness and a stones throw away from a world class city, it is where raw nature and refined urban comfort go hand in hand. The morning light shining through the tree tops inspired the warm wood palette that drives the central point of design.

As the clouds push up against the North Shore mountains it creates an interesting juxtaposition between the darkness and strength of the evergreen trees vs. the stream of soft fog that drifts and weaves up the mountain, creating a scene that is purely Pacific Northwest. That transpired into the clean, minimalistic lines showcasing the natural beauty of materials such as wood & stones, both prominent in the local area.