An immersive residential experience through art and design

REN, Seattle, United States

In the heart of Seattle’s vibrant South Lake Union neighborhood, REN is the client’s first foray into the US luxury rental market.

Before jumping into design, we engaged our client in unique visioning sessions to help clarify the target market and articulate a message and purpose that better responds to the pandemic and the evolving needs of the end users.

Inspired by the concept of exploration and merging humanity and technology, the main design objective of this condo building is to create an immersive art experience. Custom artwork and large installations that range from organic and natural in form, with a twist of modern technology to bold and colourful statements adorn the public areas throughout the building.

In addition to the extraordinary art experience, the building provides tenants with an array of amenity spaces throughout the tower, including a fully functional lobby bar, private lounges offering unparalleled 360° views of the city, fitness facility as well as an extensive dog wash area with both indoor & outdoor dog play areas and a viewing lounge for owners.

Co-working spaces, individual working pods, and meeting rooms, are provided to offer the young professional tenants flexibility as the world collectively moves towards a hybrid work model.

In the units, refined layouts maximize views and flood spaces with daylight to create a strong connection to the adjacent community and provide exceptional livable spaces.