Marriott Vancouver Airport

Richmond, Canada

CHIL was engaged a second time as the Interior Designer of choice for the Marriott Vancouver Airport—this time to lead a comprehensive renovation and design the Marriott Greatroom. The Greatroom is an adaptable public space which welcomes guests and allows them the freedom to chill, gather, and collaborate, acknowledging that today’s guests can transition seamlessly between social, business, creative and personal activities.

The Greatroom is intended to remain open all day—from morning coffee through evening cocktails—with music, audio visual, lighting and staged programming that can be adapted to support the function and mood relative to the time of day. In addition to designing the Greatroom, CHIL reconfigured the lobby level to allow space for a new M Club Lounge and refreshed the design of the guestrooms, meeting/ballrooms, restaurant and fitness room.

Inspired by the mountains and coast lines of British Columbia and the local’s active yet relaxed lifestyle, the design represents a modern and tailored take on the traditional concept known as “West Coast” design. The design aspires to create a memorable and authentic environment for all to experience and enjoy the fresh, confident, and vast beauty of the West Coast lifestyle.